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Information from the legends, religions, and and mythologies of Sumer Prime

Trokeegan - Chaotic Evil - Created the world and plane of Sumer Prime. Creatures here were created as livestock whose souls are nurtured by living their normal lives. Once dead, Trokeegan eats the souls to gain more power. He is not known to have any followers. If he does have any, it is unlikely that he grants them any favor. Rarely leaves the Sumer outer plane. Trokeegan

Sar - Lawful Evil - Trokeegan's underling, he looks like a skeleton of whatever species he interacts with. Trokeegan could not keep up with all the souls of the dead as the world's population grew over the millennia. Some histories say he created Sar to help him; others say Sar was summoned from another plane. Sar herds all the souls of the dead into pens until Trokeegan is ready to eat. Legends say that some mortals beg or deal with Sar to remain on the physical plane. He sometimes abides them, usually by eating part of their soul first and then returning them back to Sumer Prime as undead beings. His followers wear white robes with black edges.


Lavasar - Neutral Good - He was a mortal warrior who escaped Sar's pen. His power grew over time as a free soul by focusing his energy, gaining worshipers, and not being bound by the physical plane nor subjugated by the dark magic of the pen. He has many followers of all types, but only saves those he deems courageous, strong of will, and good of heart. Legends say that he is able to save souls by making deals with Trokeegan such that Lavasar gives up part of his own personal power in exchange for the souls he deems worthy.


Ange Day Irulan - True Neutral - She tried to open a gate to another dimension in her mortal life in order for her friends and herself to escape being eaten after death. She succeeded in opening the gate, but in an extremely rare occurrence, Trokeegan came to Sumer Prime in physical (Violator-like) form to close it. Ange Day Irulan was killed in the process. She subsequently found a way to escape the afterworld pen, and gained power in a similar fashion to Lavasar. She is considered a goddess of revenge by some mortals. Many mages and thieves worship her. It is unclear how she saves the souls of her followers, if she does so at all.

Ange Day Irulan

Henrietta - Neutral Evil - Unknown to everyone at the time, but before Trokeegan could close Ange Day Irulan's gate, another creature from a far away dimension entered through. Not much is known about her, particularly why Trokeegan has not found and killed her already. She has only a few known followers. Henrietta is considered a goddess of Planning, Patience, and Deception. She is most often portrayed as a giant spider spinning a web as large as a planet.