Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime (Ran at KublaCon 2013 & 2018, GenCon 2013 & 2018, DunDraCon 2018, and on Roll20)

Rolling plains at the frontier of civilization, monsters and villains that outnumber friends and allies, evil gods that eat the souls of mortals, how did you end up in this forsaken place? Figure out how to escape at any cost or help others at your own peril. This is an adventure requiring both tough moral choices and strategic planning.

Suggested number of PCs: 4-6

Suggested PC level: 6th (Pathfinder - 20-pt buy / 16K gp) (D&D 5th - 27-pt buy / no magic items / 500 gp)

KublaCon 2013 players:

KublaCon 2013

Sumer Prime - Don't Drink the Water

Sumer Prime - The Harvester

Sumer Prime - Redefine

Sumer Prime - The Redemption of Glasya

Sumer Prime - They Took Our Jobs!