Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime - Don't Drink the Water (Ran at DunDraCon 2014, KublaCon 2014, and on Roll20. Planned for D&D 5th in 2019!)

You've struggled to return to your home world and plane of existence for months, now. Sumer Prime is not where you are meant to die. Perhaps you hitched your wagon to the wrong god? Nevertheless, this latest assignment was promised to lead to your freedom. Follow the polluted Eugris river and face what lies at its source.

Suggested number of PCs: 4-6

Suggested PC level: 8th (Pathfinder - 20-pt buy / 33K gp) (D&D 5th - 27-pt buy / no magic items / 500 gp)

Sumer Prime - The Harvester

Sumer Prime - Redefine

Sumer Prime - The Redemption of Glasya

Sumer Prime - They Took Our Jobs!