Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime - Don't Drink the Water

Sumer Prime - The Harvester (Ran at DunDraCon 2015, GenCon 2015, and on Roll20)

Down the coast from the tinker gnome city of Thunderdome, where both gladiators and engineers hope to make their mark, a series of mysterious crimes have plagued the normally quiet neighboring villages. Maybe you know one of the victims and want justice, or maybe you're just bored. Whatever the case may be, can you find out who or what is behind this and put an end to the madness?

Suggested number of PCs: 4-6

Suggested PC level: 4th (D&D 5th - 27-pt buy / no magic items / 500 gp)

Sumer Prime - Redefine

Sumer Prime - The Redemption of Glasya