Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime - Don't Drink the Water

Sumer Prime - The Harvester

Sumer Prime - Redefine

Sumer Prime - The Redemption of Glasya (Ran at DunDraCon 2017, KublaCon 2017, GenCon 2017, and on Roll20)

A plan the overthrow Asmodeus, eons in the making, has derailed just before culmination. The permanent destruction of Glasya, daughter of Asmodeus, was meant to play a key role, but she was inadvertently transported to Sumer Prime. Her status is largely unknown, and all methods of contact have failed. You have been tasked with finding her.

Suggested number of PCs: 4-6

Suggested PC level: 13th (D&D 5th - 27-pt buy / 1 rare magic item / 3 uncommon magic items / 5K gp worth of non-magical equipment)

Sumer Prime - They Took Our Jobs!