Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime

Sumer Prime - Don't Drink the Water

Sumer Prime - The Harvester

Sumer Prime - Redefine (Ran at DunDraCon 2016, KublaCon 2016, GenCon 2016, and on Roll20)

Excavations at a temple site for an ancient, extinct race of giants have lead to a chamber at the bottom of a vast cenote. Glyphs indicate this was either a prison or part of a warrior’s rite of passage. Your group has been tasked with leading an investigation. This adventure focuses on combat and exploration with limited amounts of role playing.

Suggested number of PCs: 4-6

Suggested PC level: 10th (D&D 5th - 27-pt buy / 2 uncommon magic items / less than 5K gp worth of non-magical equipment)

Sumer Prime - The Redemption of Glasya

Sumer Prime - They Took Our Jobs!